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What are your thoughts about the FAU/Ohio State satellite camp?

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I know we did a satellite camp up in Talahassee at a high school so we could get in front of more recruits but I can't recall a time when we've held a joint camp like this with another Division 1 program...?

I'm reading that Urban Meyer and Nick Saban aren't fans of the ideas, in general. It does seem strange to invite northern BCS programs that you're directly competing against to see and offer recruits you might want. Our recruiting strategy thus far has mostly been to find recruits the big boys overlook... which kinda goes out the window if you let them windowshop at our place, no?

If you argue that we're going after two different kinds of recruits - us the three stars and them the 5 stars - and further argue that the 5 stars, even if they visit here, never seriously consider us, then it seems doubly pointless.

Unless Chun can finagle a home-and-home somehow with Ohio State from this deal now that they see our stadium... but I have a feeling like it's just a favor.
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Much better than they were when Tressel swung by for a visit.

Guy lost credibility for lying, despite what the claimed reasons were.

But I agree with you on your points regarding compensation. Although, I do believe you will get a lot more participation out of it and expose the program to players you would not have playing off of their name as well.

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