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2022 FAU Football Preseason Camp


With 12 days now in the books we are winding down to decision day for a number of starting roles.

One of the positions battles taking place in camp is that of tight end. The favorite right now if you were to start the season tomorrow looks to be Austin Evans, who had this to offer:

"We know that the position is up for grabs, and really close. It's very important to correct our details…come everyday and get more physical. The receiving part has always been there…on blocking I'm trying to use use my hands and feet more."

Coach Dearmon also mentioned him today as the best pass catching option we presently have, and quarterback N'Kosi Perry called him out as well.

Here are the notables highlights from today's closed action via SID Katrina McCormack:

  • For the most part on Tuesday, the defense got the better of the offense
  • There were some explosive plays that would dampen the defensive celebrations
  • Jayshon Platt had a scoring drive
  • Then the Owls moved into second down situations
  • Larry McCammon III had a big run
  • The last scoring drive was led by both Willie Taggart, Jr. and finished by Michael Johnson
  • The defense kept the offense out of the endzone multiple times, forcing field goal attempts
  • The biggest defensive celebration came following a Michal Antoine, Jr., who had an interception and 20-yard return
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Coach Todd Orlando headlined today's media session prior to practice. He remains tight lipped about who the coaches are leaning towards for stating roles aside from a few players.

That said, he had the below to offer about getting the younger guys consistent snaps. This tells me that we are likely deeper than we have been in years past. After doing this for so long, why else would you spend time on players at this point in the cycle unless you feel they are close to crossing the threshold. This is obviously a very good sign from a developmental standpoint.

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Here are the notables highlights from Day 13 from the closed action via SID Katrina McCormack:

  • Seven-on-seven saw quarter back N'Kosi Perry open with a 45-yard pass to newcomer Carter Boatwright for a score
  • A short time later, junior "Smoke" Romain Mungin, who stands at 5-9, showed off his leaping ability to breakup a pass thrown high to the outstretched arms of six-foot-three BJ Alexander (more on this matchup later)
  • Team situations found Perry connecting with receiver LaJohntay Wester on multiple occasions, each a chain-moving pass
  • Daemon Hill had the first interception and return of the morning
  • Wide receiver Tony Johnson had a scoring reception and quarterback Michael Johnson, Jr. kept the ball for a rushing touchdown
  • Alexander saw Mungin get the best of him in seven-on-seven, but the redshirt junior receiver did not allow it to happen twice. A leaping Alexander collected the Perry pass against tight coverage by Mungin, for the score and the
  • Shortly after, the defense responded by not allowing the running back to turn the corner for a gang TFL Willie Taggart, Jr. had back-to-back scoring plays, first hitting Javion Posey and then finding "Ace" A'ceon Cobb
  • RB Marvin Scott (photo) had a strong day of work with a one-yard scoring run and several downhill runs
  • Jarrett Jerrels recorded a TFL
  • Jahmal Edrine had a pass reception from Perry that had the offense cheering and Perry later scored on a quarterback keeper

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The Owls will have the da off today. Been quite the grind so far.

That said, here is more from RB Marvin Scott, one of two backs leading the pack for the every down spot:

"We've got a roster full of running backs and a whole bunch of stuff that we can offer. The skillset I want to bring to the team is power, speed, and balance. My personal goal is to help the team win games, and fulfill my dreams." - FAU RB Marvin Scott III

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Nobody is talking or covering running back zuberi mobley and heís definitely a top 2 back on the team this year I donít understand why heís not being talked about†
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Keon said

Nobody is talking or covering running back zuberi mobley and heís definitely a top 2 back on the team this year I donít understand why heís not being talked about†
Posted On: Aug 12th 2022, 11:47 AM #407668

Exactly, what I saw from that kid last spring game was impressive. He is very elusive and quick.
Let's hope to see more of him this season.
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The Owls got back on the field after a well deserved day off. Coach Taggart headlined the media session and here's some of what he had to say about tomorrow's scrimmage (2nd) and the continued push for reps to establish depth. He also reinforces the wide receiver unit as being deep:

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With their second scrimmage due up tomorrow, one thing is likely certain - the coaches know who they want to place in the coveted starting roles and will use the session to finalize evaluation for those on the consideration line.

The Owls have been afforded more opportunity to be "picky" this year given the influx of talent at virtually all positions.

Starting quarterback is obviously N'Kosi Perry.

Your bookends at offensive tackle appear to be Brendan Bordner, and Chaz Neal.

Haven't got a lot of information on the guards but will lean towards Federico Maranges for one potentially, and confident in Nick Webber at center.

At "staple" running back the role also appears down to a pair with Larry McCammon and Marvin Scott in the foreground. Brent Dearmon has eluded to keeping things fluid there and Johnny Ford will be a significant part of the offense, although he is not considered an every down back.

The "starting" tight end position will likely go to Austin Evans with formation and situations affording others opportunity given the need.

The wide receiver group is probably the closest competition wise, and very well could be a platoon given the depth. But heading into tomorrow, it appears to favor Jahmal Edrine, LaJohntay Wester, and Je'Quan Burton for now.

Defensive back will likely feature Daemon Hill, and Michal Antoine.

Safety Teja Young.

Would be very surprised if Morven Joseph and Jamie Pettway are not two starters at linebacker, and the third spot have not been able to ascertain as of yet.

Defensive line is another spot I have yet to get anything solid on but will pay more attention to that next week.

Officially, things will remain quiet until a chart is put on the table the week of the 22nd. And of course, all of this is just my opinion.

Notable highlights from the closed session of the day, which was number 14, via SID Katrina McCormack:

  • With individual drills complete, the Owls moved into O-Line versus D-Line and 7-on-7
  • The highlight of the drill was a deep pass to wide open Johnny Ford, who followed the ball over his right shoulder and into his hands for the TD
  • Jarrett Jerrels recorded his second interception in as many practices
  • Michael Johnson, Jr. hit both Jymetre Hester and Jordan Young for back-to-back scores and Johnson later kept the ball for a long run
  • Zuberi Mobley was patient, followed his offensive line and then broke into the endzone
  • Morgan Suarez connected on a field goal, just inside the 20
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Zuberi mobley will be a co starter week 1 at rb just watch and see because I donít know what you guys been watching at practice†
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Rick said

With their second scrimmage due up tomorrow, one thing is likely certain - the coaches know who they want to place in the coveted starting roles and will use the session to finalize evaluation for those on the consideration line…
Posted On: Aug 12th 2022, 9:21 PM #407675

If Bordner lives up to the hype, I feel good about him at LT. Have to hope Chaz Neal makes a second-year jump. If not, at least Marquice Robinson has starting experience at RT, and Atcavage seemed comfortable there last year.†

Maranges at an interior guard spot would be good. I like him. Wonder what wouldíve happened had he not been injured in spring of 21.†

I love walk-ons getting chances but think itíll be concerning if the high-profile transfer (Boatwright) and the notable high school signee (Pasley) arenít getting opportunities in passing game. I donít want to have a third straight year where the TE position really has no consistency.

Antoine and Hill over Smoke Mungin? HmmÖ

Good stuff Rick. Appreciate you getting this out there.†

Twitter: @JakeElman97
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