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Call to Arms: Attendance - Do Your Part


Attendance was putrid last game. We have had multiple posts and threads regarding it.

What we have not had, however, is much posting about FIXING the problem.

While I do not think we can do much to fix the students' attendance issues (such a fix likely needs to come from within or administration), we can do our part to fill up our side of the stadium.

Buy some extra tickets or even just encourage others to go to the remaining games! I personally buy 6 season tickets every year and give away 2 tickets to each game because I CARE about this program and want it to GROW.

Last game, I was able to get my 6 to the stadium PLUS another 5 fans in the seats in my section. That is ONE die hard fan getting 11 butts in the seats. If we can all just get a few more people to go, the numbers will quickly grow.

So, I implore you to ask yourselves: what have you done to fix our attendance issues? Or have you complained and not taken any action to fix the problem?

See you all Friday and for the fiu as well as usm games. The team, and Florida Atlantic University as a whole, DESERVE BETTER.

P.S. I would not mind writing an op-ed in one of the local newspapers on this subject. 

                                         ROLL OWLS
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Why don't you write it here for TON, and I'll post it on the front page for you?

PM me if interested…


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