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Charlotte (& other opponents') Forums?


d-owl said

owlmart said

This where I come for my FAU news. Nobody better and more consistent than Rick. I think what's missing is forums in general aren't as popular, so when the older members stop posting, there's nobody to replace them. Also, I just don't get the sense students are as passionate about the program and take it for granted. I'm willing to bet most (if not all) of the people that post were around for the Lockhart days.
Posted On: Aug 11th 2022, 10:36 PM #407665

This is the first season since Lane's announcement I don't sense any viable buzz around the program. I am not in SoFla, so can't say as having boots on the ground – but it's sad given our imminent transition to the AAC. To me it's simply how mediocre the team has been the past two years. And while SMU was great, this program still really needs that signature win.

Posted On: Aug 12th 2022, 1:58 AM #407666

I think the biggest problem is how FAU is covered, and thatís the case for a variety of reasons that are not solely on one or two people. But I donít blame the pandemic for the lack of presence. The days of getting DAILY articles, photos, and videos about the team from anywhere between 3-5 outside media people are over.†

I think you need DAILY to help build buzz ó and Rick and the Nest remain excellent in this department. That was my goal and mission, and all of the daily people when I was there did a good job with it. Itís not always about writing stories so much as it is writing tweets and information that inform people. Sometimes itís not who is the QB1 or who is the backup defensive end. Itís describing a great catch by a receiver who has big-play potential or conveying how happy and confident a player sounds in interviews after making it back from an injury.†

Idk. I just think that loss of consistent media presence and activity has hurt the buzz beyond repair Ö and I donít see any reason why itíll change when FAU moves to the AAC.†

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I don't know if public enthusiasm is beyond repair. We definitely have a lot less media attention now than we did a few years back but it can come back with a stellar season.

I'm not sure conference champs this year will help our public image as much as previous years since we lost some teams this year to the sunbelt. We probaby need a AP top 25 team ranking to get any meaningful national exposure.

This season is probably our best shot too with our incredible amounts of talent on both sides of the ball as well as one of the easiest schedules we've had recently.
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