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FAU could make an argument to be included in the CFB Playoffs

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If FAU gets good to great QB play, and they are winning 10-11.

Taking a step forward in QB was the difference between 5 and in 11 wins in 2018 and 2019.

The GA Southern game is a prime example of that.

The yards were even, but we turned it over four times.

Just slightly better QB play, and that is a win.

FAU's returns 94 percent of last year's production. That alone is big, but it is a huge difference-maker when you factor in transfers like Ford,  Mitchell, and more depth on the oline.

FAU also goes from a first-year OC to Micheal Johnson, who has years o experience in the NFL and college.

Also, look at the rest of the CUSA landscape.

What does Marshall have that would make them a favorite over us?

They lost their final three games by a score of 59-23

They lost three all-conference players in the draft.

They have also been one of the hardest-hit teams in the portal, losing two talented wideouts to Power 5 schools, their best safety to NC State, and best returning offensive lineman to Notre Dame.

Was Marshall even impressive beating us last year when Covid was crushing us?

UTSA is getting a lot go hype, but we beat them by three touchdowns and would not see them till a title game anyways.

WKU added all those FCS skill players but have also lost a lot in the portal.

Credit to our staff for keeping guys here.

I see many parallels from last year's to 2018; turned the ball over too much, struggled in short-yardage, could not get that one play to change a close game.
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If Perry stays healthy,  he will be out stating QB.  He is better than the others. I feel he is a huge upgrade and if the coaches use him right, I can see us winning 8-9 games . Maybe 9-10 IF we can stay healthy. The young qb's need to watch and learn as much as they can. They could be called on to lead should there be an injury. I feel better about this team than last season.  
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I think Shane absolutely nailed it regarding the rest of the CUSA landscape. Marshall has nothing special on that roster and lost a huge amount of talent, if anything we have gained the largest amount of talent in the CUSA compared to the roster last year.

Perry is legit he has played and PERFORMED in games with the highest level of talent in college football. WKU can get all the hype they want, Iím not scared of a QB who put up video game numbers against FCS teams and the some of the worst defensive teams in the FBS.†

Bring on the Gators and GO OWLS!
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walty12 said


If FAU goes 12-1 (with the only loss coming against UF) I THINK we could make an argument for reaching the CFB playoffs based on the idea that this article presents.

Posted On: Jun 8th 2021, 12:08 PM #402394

How about we beat UF?
Posted On: Jun 10th 2021, 12:35 PM #402413

That'll be great.

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