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Fearless Predictions 2021: FAU vs MTSU

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I sure wish we could have a double-point, lightning round. Maybe then our coach would care more about our team.

The difference in the game is Protecting Our House.

My prediction is for a Hail-Mary in the last 10 seconds of the game for our Owls. Payback for the "luck of the irish hail-mary" MTSU is used to pulling on us.

Final Score FAU 32  MTSU 31 1/2  


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Im gonna go FAU 24-13, and the only reason why is part of what we saw last week: some of the younger guys are finally getting chances to play. I think were going to see the likes of Mobley, Jahmal Edrine, Jayden Williams earn more snaps, and I think theyll take advantage.

Ive noticed that two types of players tend to be especially hungry: young guys who have been on the bench all year save for MAYBE a blowout, and the much older guys who finally get a chance. Id empty the bench and let those young guys play. Send Jacob Pasley out at tight end, too.

Lets send the seniors out with a win.

Twitter: @JakeElman97
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23-17 MTSU


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