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Fearless Predictions 2023: Week 4 FAU vs Illinois


Owls2013 said

We a terrible for losing to Ohio and Clemson?

I do not get the "season'' is over mentality.

Let this team get healthy, let the culture change, maybe make some noise on a third down instead of sit there like zombies.

Posted On: Sep 22nd 2023, 11:02 AM #416260

My knees are still aching from stomping during Ohio's 3rd downs.
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I don’t have much faith in the offense right now. I think the defense plays a decent game and keeps us in it for about 2.5 quarters. 

Illinois 24
FAU 7 
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Tough road game. Illinois puts a physical game on the Owls and wins handily despite a score that might be closer than the play on the field.


Illini 31
Owls 13


2017 and 2019 Conference USA Champions
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Richard said

FAU 20 - 24 Illinois
Posted On: Sep 21st 2023, 6:09 PM #416250

Winner with a 4 point total differential!

I was second with a 9 point total differential.

Not too shabby for the Staff  :Smug:

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