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Five Takeaway's from FAU's 24-2 Victory over UMASS


When it comes to a QB going through reads, or how good a passer they are, those things never change and canít get better.

The reason Robison ďgot betterĒ in 2019 was because his weapons were better. Durante and Wright were by far the most targeted receivers in 2018 and both of them were terrible in their roles. Wright was running routes that were too far downfield for his skill set. Durante couldnít catch. Riles was atrocious and hampered the whole line which had already lost a lot. There were too many players who didnít care about the team.†

The reason Robison was better in 2019 was because Durante was gone and Wright didnít go on those routes which were too long for his skill set.

Then you had Antoine who was the anti Durante. He could catch anything. Mitchell and Harrison were healthy and solid. And defenses couldnít stop that when you also had Bryant and Raine. Also, the backup receivers like Robinson were good too. And the offensive line was a lot better at pass blocking. †

Robisonís first game at Oklahoma I noted how he was going through his reads really fast. That canít be taught. Thatís either there or it isnít there from day 1.

Now a lot of teams can win with a one read QB like Posey. But we could probably do better. It doesnít look like Posey will become an above average passer.
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Local Owl said

But right now he is pretty easy to defend. He needs to be more of a pass threat. If he had that…..warch out.
Posted On: Nov 23rd 2020, 8:18 PM #398079

I see Quentin Flowers in him. He is so electric with the ball when he runs but I agree he needs to improve as a passer. Doesnít have to be Robison accurate but at least be close to Tronti accurate. Also, wonder if Posey struggles again if Taggart will pull him for Tronti
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LawOwl said

I think Posey has a chance to be special. The last three games will be very telling. He just needs to throw these dinks and dunks call it a day
Posted On: Nov 23rd 2020, 7:21 PM #398078
Interesting thought.  

Will be interesting to see if the offensive coaches have the ability to adjust the play calling to help Posey be more effective with the skill set he does have.  

We dont adjust and run the same offense we have been….it'll be another ugly L in Murfreesboro.  

As far as JFG's take "When it comes to a QB going through reads, or how good a passer they are, those things never change and can’t get better."  - Think this has some truth to it, but a coordinator can put a QB in a better position to succeed, design and call plays that align with their strengths and capabilities.  Do we have the right coaches on that side of the ball to do so?  Not suggesting we dont, just not sure.

What is the take on the OC that came over from Texas?  What's the take on Willies play calling?

Teambeer is the most knowledgeable FAU sports fan I know, way smarter than me.
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Comment: #news_3310

When you have a 1 read QB you need great receiving options. Thereís a lot of 1 read and run QBís and the successful ones have dangerous receiving options. Taggart said in his press conference that Posey hasnít done a great job of giving it to the running back on those option plays.†

Thereís no way Taggart is going to let this continue next season. There will be a QB coming here to start. We will hopefully get away with all these problems these last 3 games.†

But I expect a totally different offense next season. There might be totally different skill position players in addition to the QB.†

Whatís funny is that FAU is getting votes in the AP poll after a unbelievably terrible game offensively. This offense is so easy to stop if a DC game plans against it. I think with all thatís on the line with Taggart he will find a QB. I also think we might have help with true freshmen at the WR and TE spots.
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