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IT'S OFFICIAL! FAU to the American Athletic Conference

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So the five (5) remaining (FIU, WKU, MTSU, UTEP, LaTech)are gonna be stuck hoping to add Independents;  New Mexico St., UMASS, UConn, Liberty and an upmoving FCS program or three!


What a bunch of losing programs!!!!!

While the Belt "adds" winning programs like ODU (1-6), S. Miss (1-6) and they all act like they are such great adds to a strong football conference. If so then ODU and SMiss gonna get killed down there, Oh, they already are!!!!!
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Not really too concerned about what C-USA will become.
Best of luck to them, after all they helped us get to where we are going.
We still have a couple of years to play in C-USA, so letís try to build some momentum going forward by winning.
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I look at a map of the new CUSA East and wow! No team within 400 miles of another! And FIU closest division rival now over 600 miles away! What a spread out mess!!!!!!
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