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Marketing Efforts= Exposure


I am happy we are 5-1 in this crazy season considering all the setbacks.† If we can continue to win or win the last 2 out of 3 and do well and win a bowl game we will be on the fringe of getting ranked again.† If we run the table and win a bowl game, then yes we have a nice shot to possibly get ranked.† Part of the problem we are a fringe team is because we are still growing nationally, our marketing efforts have been very anemic since 2017.† People still don't know who we are.† We need more fans to come to our beautiful stadium, and see the product on the field and then have a great time to possibly come back.† The one thing I think holding us back is tradition and lack of marketing.† Besides the Shula Bowl there is no other excitement to play other teams that makes a game more exciting, for example MTSU and WKU.

The stadium experience has gotten better but we need to enhance the in game experience.† I have traveled to see FAU play many Power 5 teams and other Group of 5 teams† and the difference is structured tradition.† Chants that hype the fans in the stadium, or music reminiscent of the theme of what we are trying to portray to the nation (Eddie Money-2 tickets to paradise or LL Cool J- Paradise). FIU stadium had a few unique things that I think we can really use.† If we had these intangibles it can enhance the stadium atmosphere, thus bringing more people to games.† FIU's fake fan noise was unique and not as annoying as I thought, it could help throw off opponents along with our fans that can make a huge difference on defense stops.† We need a DJ ASAP, especially for the student section which is a no brainer, this would have students hyped and get the crowd going.† Another thing FIU has done better than us is sign better Power 5 contracts that actually brings POWER 5 schools to play in their stadium.† We have failed in this aspect since the stadiums inception and it is a shame, that's why we can't sell out because we are playing the same sorry schools in sorry CUSA. Think how many times can you market a game that has no rivalry intention or trophy against a team like MTSU who always beats us, sorry bore fest.

I know this is a Covid year, but there is no other incentive given to you as a fan at game,† no collectible items to remember your experience or memory. No bobbleheads, or flags or not even a pin.† This is poor execution from marketing, believe me I had my bobble head in the office and coworkers always asked about FAU.† This gave me a chance to explain our history and how we are doing, I have made fans of Big ten purist Nebraska fans who follow FAU on Instagram and Facebook because of me telling them about our program.
Once we create a tradition, and have incentives for fans to see quality big name teams then we will get better attendance and recognition.† Come ranking time us at 5-1 ranked nationally in defense will have some credit to move up the polls.† We are winning now, marketing needs to step it up.† Do you also feel the same about our game experience, that it can get enhanced?
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I agree with all your points. FAU's athletics marketing has certainly improved over the years. As someone who has connected with them over the past five years, I can tell they have certainly made massive improvements. The tradition building is hard, even identifying them is hard. Something I got to oversee last year was the revamp of the FAU PROWLERS and them working to improve the energy and atmosphere for students at game. Athletics made an effort to reach out to them and get their feedback. We even had meetings connecting a common gameday strategy with student government and other related groups.

   The traditions will come and the fans will follow. Five years ago I came up with the idea to have a chart or a buggy lead the team out on the field. This year it finally got done. I think that post-COVID, FAU can become a G5 destination school for players and fans.

Revolution- n. A large amount of change in a short amount of time. † FAU- n. The place where tomorrow begins.
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I agree with many of the points above. I know one of my complaints being a season ticket holder is they donít give much incentive. The first year they didnít give us a signed kiffin photo which was cool. But it would be awesome if they did a season ticket holder event(s). Just acknowledged us a little bit more. I do understand itís a budgetary thing too.

Also something that has been talked about every year when there is a big crowd. FAU has done a terrible job being able to handle large crowds at games. Unless you are a die hard FAU fan it hasnít made you want to go back for games.

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Agreed with Delt as always…

Mini rant ahead, as I walk to the store.†

FAU Athletics, like many other departments, has suffered cutbacks in personnel. Several people are wearing many hats.†

The footballís Twitter account has done a much better job this year. The woman running it, Elyse, is a superstar. Womenís basketball SID Kylie Magar does a terrific job with the content there. Jonathan Fraysure, who calls the baseball games and is the media point person there, gives people incredible content with baseball.†

The problem in Athletics is not who has jobs. There are people who were here before (Pat Chun) who hampered the department and schoolís development.†

With that said, the promotional nature last year was nil, and that was in every facet. Laneís first year, there was something every game it felt like. Shirts, bobbleheads, posters.†

Anyone remember what happened at Media Day last year? Instead of doing it on a Sunday, they did it after a scrimmage ó and only had the starters sign things because of the weather. There was zero plan. Could have had everyone shower and move to the basketball arena and sign things there.†

I told FAU people last year, you should tweet out the practice videos the school produces and posts online. Let the average Joe who doesnít go on the website or get the media releases see the videos. †During the lead up to Boca Bowl, they did that. I wouldíve liked to see the same thing this year because I know for a fact the school shoots practice and they shoot whatever player/coach is on the computer at the Schmidt meeting with the press on WebEx/Zoom.†

I think the framework is there for promotion. The Twitter game has stepped up and you have qualified people who shoot practice. Start promoting the TV show and post it online, get back to possibly selling promotional items, and see if Taggart wants to open up a bit more next year.†

I think Taggart met with paradise club members on a Zoom call this summer. (Can someone in paradise club correct me if Iím wrong?) Maybe FAU does a Zoom call with fans next year, like what FIU did with Butch. †

Everything Iím suggesting is fairly simple, and Iíve told FAU as much on certain things.†

FAU gets a pass for this year in my eyes on game ops and promotions because there was only so much you could do with COVID. With that said, they should try getting back to the promotional items and such next year.†

TL;DR: FAU has very smart and qualified people in athletics. But something has to give next year where you take the next step in promoting your team.†

Twitter: @JakeElman97
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