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One thing is certain, death, taxes and FAU losing in any capacity on national tv.  The UAB game reminded me of the Buffalo game years ago where we could have made a few plays to stomp the competition and didn't.  I am not sold on Taggart and I think he's getting jobs off his one great year at USF where Flowers was his one shining light.  Our offense on the road is atrocious, it's very bad and we are not going to change overnight.  I feel like this team lacks heart, will, discipline and drive. When we were down it was for sure over as we had no heart in trying to make a comeback, that's on Willy.

You need to inspire your players and give that rah rah speech that gets them going.  I don't see that from Willy,  he's that cool uncle at the bbq that you can talk to like a friend.  We need a coach players look up to like a father or someone that they want to play their best for. We are very talented and we are losing games that make no sense.  We are not ready for the big time and tbh, the American will not come calling.  We are attractive but we need to do something else more attractive like go on a winning streak, beat a ranked Power 5 school or have a deep loyal fanbase.  We don't have either and it wont happen with this staff, had Kiffin stayed I would say we are in the American for sure, but at this rate we are not getting better.  Projections have us in the Bahamas bowl I can see us going to that game and getting beat against NIU and bam a nice end to this season. We are going to be at best 8-4 but I think 6-6 is more like it, WKU, Charlotte on a Thursday and even Utep are all losses in my book.

If Perry was injured why have him sling 40 yard passes, and after the fumble and pick did you not shake up the roster and get Tronti in earlier.  Johnny Ford is under utilized he's a mini motor and being used poorly.  I miss Lane and I miss Robison, if we had one more year with that duo in 2020 we would have been just like Coastal even better because  we have a history, but we have reverted to mediocrity. Another thing I have noticed is scheduling, Brian white needs to get us some mid level to bottom dweller Power 5 teams to at least beat.  We play Michigan st, Iowa, Missouri and Clemson in the coming years, those are all losses.  Schedule an Arizona, Duke, Kansas, or Vanderbilt. Coastal has played Kansas 3 straight years and have dominated them every year.  We schedule AF and get destroyed and we think the American will come calling , no way.  We need to get more fans interested and bringing mid level Power 5 schools to Bca will draw more attention, nope we are bringing teams no one cares about and getting beat by them.

I think we can still salvage the season, but a conference title seems like a dream right now, this isn't 2017 folks, that team was special, this team is not special. We are a middle of the pack Cusa team and if you believe this then you wont get letdown every game going forward. What are your thoughts, what teams would you love to see in Boca?  DO you think we run the table like 2017? 
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What is missed is that we lost by 17 playing poorly, right?

But ya take away the 14 point swing of the pick 6 and it is a 3 point one score game!

We have played second halves much better this year but got shut out this week and 4 turnover games will do that. WE HAVE TO play MUCH BETTER on the road.

Not a doom and gloom blow out but a game we Could have won easily IF we played a good game which we did not except on D. We held UAB to only 16 first downs, only 5 of 14 on 3rd downs and only 279 total yards. But that -3 turnover rate is the killer. Nobody wins many games with that ONE stat!
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