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Observations : Umass


This year has been a weird one in general and I am happy we won, but not excited about the way we won.  We were playing a decimated Umass team that got to our QB and stopped us on some downs and made us punt a lot.  This game should have been 41-3  or more but we did not capitalize. 

Posey is a raw talent, very much that he does not know his own capabilities. What made Kiffin special is how he groomed Qb’s and how after a while they settled into the offense and just played better. Robison was a big example of how Kiffin made a difference but for Posey’s sake he doesn’t have to be Robison.  I liked that he threw more and this will be needed in the MTSU game but it’s the play calling.  You experiment when you are up 3-4 tds not when you are up 7-0.  We kept Umass in the game, there was one hit Posey took was down right brutal, our line gave in.

Like I mentioned in the predictions thread, we still need Tronti and his quick series was good, he’s a professional and just wants to do his part. We ran the ball 44 times, and I think our run plays were at points boring with no creativity.  Davidson and Emmons should have had a field day. The MTSU game is always hard and they always beat us,  this was one of Lanes big tests and he was able to finally break that curse beating them 2 out of 3 times.

I think we should start Tronti, see what he can do and make Posey understand the job is earned not given.  If Tronti succeeds we keep him in if we struggle you switch to Posey, that changes the dynamic and will hopefully put MTSU in a frenzy. I hate using two QB’s but we need to rotate these guys to get the ball rolling,  these games are winnable and you need to do what you can to win.

This will be another ugly game, our defense is #2 in the nation behind Marshall for ppg and #7 in total defense in the nation. Leavitt is an amazing coach,  I’m scared he leaves us for more money. From his Twitter posts he seems to like it here. Willie needs to do whatever he can to keep him.  We should beat MTSU and Southern Miss, the Georgia southern game is the wrong game to reschedule I wish it was the USF game. But this year you take what you can get. If we find some kind of rhythm throwing short passes and running for effectively we should win that game also. 

Overall I saw our name mentioned for the Myrtle Beach Bowl. It would be cool to go to another type of bowl game, our guys deserves a chance to travel and experience something new. Our Goal should be to run the table, become more creative on offense and try to get into a good bowl game.  If we get into the Boca Bowl I can live with that but maybe we play a fringe ranked G5 team at home.  Do you think we can win out?  What bowl game would you like us to play in and and against what caliber of team?
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