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Sitting at 2-3, now for the rest of the way...


Rick said

GeorgiaOwl said

UNCC have awful O's!
Posted On: Nov 6th 2018, 11:52 PM #383034

Charlotte will be no cake walk…they have the best rush defense in the conference - hands down. If we are just going to rely on the run, we may "run" into trouble.

Tennessee 20 YDS
WKU - 42 YDS
UAB - 69 YDS
Posted On: Nov 7th 2018, 9:28 AM #383036

The UAB number is pretty impressive
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I agree Rick and that has impressed me and surprised me very much. they are not big. Seeing the UT game their D sells out vs. the run, and attacks the LOS very well. And UT still runs pro style with QB drop backs and he would turn to set up and have the D chasing him already. DUMB UT!!!

Won't be easy and turnovers could kill us if we do that. But as their O is weak it will be close as long as we do not commit turnovers and to me, on O, do what we did to Air Force, negate the super aggressive in your face D by getting outside the tackles in a hurry and also downfield shots OVER the attacking D they play!
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Charlotte is a little weird - they hold an SEC team to 14 points, but earlier they gave up 45 to AppState and 49 to UMass. †The UMass game is wild - they were down 28-0 after the first quarter, but only gave up 331 total yards. †That seems kind of like their season - only giving up 304.6 yards per game, but have allowed 31 TDs and give up roughly 25 points per game (and that is with an FCS team who only scored 10 and UT in there with only 14).

It "feels like" we have good odds to finish 2-1 and get to bowl eligibility (possibly even 3-0 to finish with 7 wins). †This team NEEDS to run the football and establish an identity a little more like last season - the best 2 offensive players have seemed to be Motor and Whyte all year, with Durante and Bryant sprinkled in to try and balance. †My opinion is we don't need to worry about Charlotte, we need to simply worry about doing something that resembles what we did last season (and last Saturday) the next 3 weeks to make the other guys stop us.
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What impressed me most about De'Andre is his decision making. He knows how to anticipate what the defense is going to do, sort of like a chess match, and he either gives it to Motor or Kerrith or keeps it. He will hold onto until the last minute sometimes until he makes a final decision, finding big gaping holes in the defense.
I always felt like Tommie Frazier was the best option qb ever at deciding when and when not to pitch the ball off. DJ has a natural ability to do just that. That should terrorize defenses the next year and a half. I don't think UCF would have an answer for that.
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