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Trickett and Fairman Let Go


teambeer said

JakeElman said

Art Vandelay said

I imagine the Shanes and Jacks and (for ignorantly not knowing who they are) the "new-Jakes" will have better eyes for the goings-on in spring and summer camp, assuming COVID protocols are lifted before then. Hopefully that will be enough to lessen speculation of nepotism starting over talent. Given the roster, as is (I'm still refreshing for that rumored QB to be, not sass, genuine interest), I wouldn't immediately give in to shock and outrage if Johnson Jr was listed on the two-deep (now, Taggart Jr at WR, maybe if we got him some really, really sticky gloves…).
Posted On: Jan 16th 2021, 1:02 PM #400043

ďThe new-Jakes.Ē Love ya, Art! 🤗

Taggart is hiring his friends and people that he feels comfortable around, which I guess Iím fine with. Johnson is more than qualified, although his lack of being an OC outside of the 2010 49ers at his age (54 in May) worries me a bit. (And no, not trying to be ageist! But we live in the time off the wunderkind young offensive mind, whether itís Briles or Arthur Smith or McVay.)

Iím still of the school that it really helps to bring in people who you donít know and who have had different life experiences on a staff. If you only surround yourself with your friends and people who wonít challenge you, it may not work. Look at the Adam Sandler films that he did with all of the SNL people. They made money but no one would call Grown Ups 2 or Jack & Jill a classic. No one would even call them ďmovies.Ē

I guess the football equivalent is going 8-4 in CUSA but itís a weak 8-4 with a bad product…because you play in C-USA.†

Posted On: Jan 16th 2021, 5:30 PM #400056

Sorry to derail everyone but this has to be addressed: Jake, maybe you missed the first round of Sandler movies bc you werenít old enough (Iím ageist! :)) but Big Daddy, Wedding Singer, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy had every one of his buddies in them and they were all killer films for what they intended to be.†

As for the hire, heís well qualified and if it helps land an elite 11 qb, even better. The last qb of that caliber in our program is one many on this board still pine over. FAU is not a program that demands the attention of that level of player. We are only grabbing a qb like that if A. They have baggage or B. Their dad coaches here. Letís hope plan b is less drama.†
Posted On: Jan 17th 2021, 9:32 AM #400070

God, I need to watch Billy Madison again. Iíll add it to the list.†

Iím unrealistically optimistic about Johnson Jr. at QB, probably because of what we watched last year. I WANT this to work out and for him to be a phenomenal starter here if given the chance.†

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I look at it as "Hey I wouldn't question the hire if his son wasn't on the team.  And I wouldn't question the pickup at qb if the father wasn't on the coaching staff."  So yeah, great additions.  
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