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VP/AD Brian White and UCF AD Danny White conflict of interest


NJOWL said

1OwlFLATL said

NJOWL said

What a silly career move. Ucf paid him as much as uf AD. over a million. Why move to a place to get paid similar amount with way less job security? I seriously donít get it.
Posted On: Jan 23rd 2021, 10:55 AM #400148

He is getting 700k more, he is in the SEC. Tenn is down and our but its still one of the blue blood programs. He makes a good hire †football hire and he will be set for life. Its a combination probably of money and the challenge as a competitor would you rather compete against alabama or USF? Also fundraising at Tennessee will be alot easier than UCF.
Posted On: Jan 23rd 2021, 11:05 AM #400150

Iíd venture to guess he could have gotten ucf to come close to that. Not to mention the quality of life difference.
Posted On: Jan 23rd 2021, 11:45 AM #400155

Someone mentioned it earlier these football/sports guys are wired different. They can hop on a private plane and go wherever they want plus they work so much. There are reports white has been in contact with matt campbell, that would be a home run!†
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Iím not so sure about the quality of life being better in Orlando than Tennessee. Itís not like Orlando is this amazing town. Iíd just assume live in Tennessee if it was me personally.

The big thing here is all that talk about it being not fair and a monopoly and now heís at Tennessee. Personally I donít buy how unfair it is. And I bet Danny White all of a sudden wonít be complaining anymore.†

Now more than ever you have to understand that ADís might have their own interest ahead of the college. This whole not scheduling anyone better than Stanford is basically a career move and not about the college.
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