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Way too early names to consider for potential coaching vacancy


Rick said

Please move conversation on Herman to his dedicated thread:

BREAKING: Tom Herman To FAU - FAU Owl's Nest

Posted On: Dec 1st 2022, 3:51 PM #410988

Can you move it to the top of this page so more will see it ?
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SeminOwl28 said

LawOwl said

I donít understand the notion that Prime would have USF ahead of us in his pecking order. We have better facilities and and on campus stadium for one, he is familiar with our program as his son was once committed to us, we have boosters and admin that are willing to let Prime be Prime so to speak much like we did with Lane.

I think we have a better shot to land him than most people think. Boca is a much better landing spot that Boulder or Cincinnati. That said, I saw SBNation has us hiring Kendal Briles which I would not hate but also would not want to hire him over Tom Herman or Prime. Just my two cents.
Posted On: Dec 1st 2022, 7:39 AM #410958

I saw Chris Kiffin mentioned in the thread and elsewhere.   That would scream laziness to me on FAU's part just like with Taggart.  Hey his brother was great so let's get him !  Im a Browns season ticket holder and he has done nothing with our dline.   Our DTs are among the worst in the league

Posted On: Dec 1st 2022, 9:39 AM #410961

Not sure when he left SF, but their front 7 is out of this world good, including Azeez. and most of them were drafted in 18 and 19. Not saying that's an endorsement for him to be a HC, just saying his results are mixed at worst

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