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What went wrong this year?


jgf2017 said

If it was all Driskel, and that's why we ran for 6.2 ypc as a team in 2017, then why didn't Driskel make that big of a difference in the running game before 2017 under Partridge?
Posted On: Dec 11th 2018, 11:38 PM #384116

Well, for one we weren't running a read option…this enabled him to shine given his intelligence.

Here's some public commentary supporting this premise:

“Even though Driskel wasn’t an NFL, first-round type of talent, the things he did with the offense were very valuable,” Kiffin said.

“As you learn that (qb adjustments at the line), you realize there is a lot of value to the quarterback pre-snap,” Kiffin said.

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A great O just needs a game manager and field general to be great - not a star or stud with a cannon.

A question to you all who saw the games in person, is it possible Robison throws a hard to catch ball? An example is up here with the Falcons Roddy White did not become a star WR with Mike Vick at QB but did with Matt Ryan, and they DO throw very different balls!

If not that is OK but was just wondering.
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