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GAME THREAD: FAU @ Southern Miss - February 13, 2020


I was a 6' shooting guard in HS and I hate the modern 3 rule! Not that I could not shoot the 3 but why take lower percentage shots with even less chance of an offensive rebound??? Work the ball in, pass the ball around to get in better position for higher percentage shorter shots drive, dish off, draw FOULS (getting their best players off the court and on the bench!), make your free throws and take time away from the other teams O giving them less time (BALL POSSESSION) helping your team D!!!

The 3 is a lazy impatient shot, looking for glory for the shooter IMHO! Ya live by the 3 ya DIE from the 3 as we have seen the past 2 weeks.

Get your team right Coach, the season is slipping away quickly after a decent start!
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