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Where do you see College Football in Five Years


So with College Football actually starting this weekend with Miami and Florida going at it I would like to know what everyone is the future of College Football in five years. Here is what I think may happen in five years with College Football.

1.) A expansion of CFB Playoff system. Every year it seems to raise controversy over who is in and who is out. I think eventually the pressure will get to the NCAA to expand the playoff system to a more NFL type system.

2.) No more body bag games. With the pressure of the strength of schedule and the current playoff system, I see body bag games going away and that will hurt us and other non power five schools.

3.) Possible preseason idea floated. NCAA may change its rules in the future regarding teams and practices and allow a small preseason to take place in CFB. 2-3 games possibly.

So that is it. That is all I have. Let me know what you think. 
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Regarding the body bag games, I actually think the target will be on eliminating the FBS vs FCS games (especially the ones late in the season - but possibly removing them completely).  That would actually give FAU more chances to play P5 teams, but also removes an easy game from the Owl’s record, too.

As an alum of an FCS school who follows that level fairly closely, such a move would crush many of those athletic programs.  The FCS schools count on those money games to build much of the annual budget for all of their athletic programs (not just football).  But TV ratings and playoff resumes will trump everything.

If there was playoff expansion like you envision and maybe realignment, those would be things that could keep the FCS games going since theoretically it wouldn’t be as hard to make the playoffs.  Lots of people hate them, but they are necessary for football to continue at the lower level. 
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There's a T intersection down the way from my house. At 6:30, without fail, the feeding lane would back up for hundreds of meters. When they broke ground on what could only, reasonably be a roundabout, I was a happy camper. But then I saw the light posts being raised… Now, for twenty-three hours of the day, you've gotta wait two minutes for ghost traffic.

When they address the play-off rebuild, I expect they'll ignore the flawed selection process. Moving to eight teams (and guaranteeing one slot to G5 [which will also guarantee there only, ever being one G5 selected]) changes nothing about the subjective/objective confusion and arbitrary qualifiers.

I'd see expansion. With an objective metric of schedule (meaning only FBS), margin of victory and opponents' final record. FCS match-ups all front-loaded to opening games, a pseudo pre-season, if you like.

But it's gonna be another damned traffic light.
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