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2016 NFL Pre-Season week two

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NFL Owl numbers for PS week two.

Let's begin with our All-Time Owl Alfred Morris of the Cowboys - 13 carries 85 yards and a TD plus one catch for 15 yards in the Boys BLOWOUT over our Fins. All the carries and the catch are on the highlight video link posted above - JUST WOW! I know Elliot will be a big NFL back BUT THEY DID NOT NEED HIM! The Cowboys D needs help that could have come from that No. 4 pick and helped the team there for years as well.

Lucky did well too, just not as well as last week. One TREMENDOUS catch for 18 yards and one punt return for 16 yards, not bad though!

For the Patriots, Cre'von LeBlanc had 5 tackles!
For the Falcons, Damian Parms had 3 tackles.
For the Bucs, Adarius Glanton led the team with 4 tackles.
For the 49ers, Keith Reaser had 2 tackles and 1 pass defended.
For the Bears, Rob Housler had one 52 yard reception!
For the Bills, Randell Johnson had 1 tackle.
For the Colts, DJ Smith had 1 tackle.

That is 9 Owls making the stat sheets, only our DL hopefuls (Bryant and Coley) and Sharrod Neasman not listed
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A video of Bears highlights including Rob's 52 yard catch and a 2 pt conversion catch as well!

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Side note. Patriots cut 3 players including a CB not named Cre'von Leblanc. CB is getting a lot of praise during camp.
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