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Chris Robison is now in the CFL


Chris put on his Twitter page that he is now in the CFL and he is also listed on the Montreal Alouettes' online roster, so this is legit. I think the FIU is Trash Twitter page first put this news out there.

I would like to believe that a CFL team gave him an opportunity only after fully vetting him, people close to him, and people who spoke for him. If Chris' path is football, I hope this works out. If his path is a happy life not playing football, that's fine too.

FWIW, hey're not sure if the CFL will play this year because of COVID and some labor issues similar to the ones that MLB had last year involving how many games they'll play. But for now, Chris Robison has an opportunity north of the border. More details here for those curious about the CFL's situation.

Twitter: @JakeElman97
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