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Boca Raton Bowl being vote on today

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Success has a thousand parents…failure is an orphan

Seriously though. Its a bowl game in Boca Raton in late december the best Boca Raton weather season. Its not like the little ceasars bowl in detroit.  

Many of the people coming down for the game on December 23rd will likely spend the holidays in area hotels generating beaucoup amounts of hotel tax revenue and spending and go to our beaches and eat at resturants.

Even a crappy bowl game in mid december (*beef of bradys COUGH*) easily gets 20,000 attendees which was east carolina vs ohio.

20-30000 fans in Boca makes a lot bigger economic impact than 20,000 in St. Pete.

While I would be happy for FAU to go to a bowl game it would be better for us economically if they didnt go to the Boca Bowl. Unless it was like FAU vs USF then all bets are off.

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voss749 said

Success has a thousand parents…failure is an orphan…
Posted On: Oct 9th 2014, 9:23 AM #336291

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