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FAU @ FIU - Shula Bowl XVII Game Thread - November 3, 2018


For what ever reason the defense stepped up. That one handed grab for a touchdown was fantastic. The defender was on that guy like glue. It was an anomaly. It was a freaky catch that was very hard to defend.
They only had 96 yard rushing. They had 234 passing which is fair but not if the team only had 96 rushing yards. Then its not so good.  

Most of you guys were at the game couldn't see it but on TV after the last touchdown Kiffin had to turn around to smile. He turned back around to the field and the smile was gone. The commentators summized he had to look angry at the late score but he really was happy about it.  

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d-owl said

OwlPT15 said

We donít need a gifted passer when the only passing calls are screens and pre determined passes to the tight end down the seam. Robison has made some good/decent throws this year but they have looked ridiculously scripted. He wasnít making plays. And I donít think thatís entirely his fault but DeíAndre just plays like a guy that is confident and wants to make the splash play. Maybe itís that DeíAndre has nothing to lose when he comes in but at least he (and even peavy) are willing to keep the ball on a zone read.†
Posted On: Nov 4th 2018, 10:31 AM #382985

Maybe the injury last year has hampered DJ's throwing to some degree, I don't know – but FSU didn't recruit him as their future QB for his running ability alone– he was a fantastic passer in high school and at Last Chance U. I'm not around the team, but even last year, I always got the sense he was a leader and that guys looked up to him. I get the sense the team will rally around him more – and his decision making proved to be a 100X better than CR's – case in point – CR inexplicably throwing these 4th down passes out of bounds – whereas DJ threw his for the TD that completely energized this squad.

I'm sure Lane sees CR's raw talent and knows if he puts it together he could be lethal. Sometimes raw talent doesn't translate on the field, especially for a redshirt freshman. I've seen enough of CR this year.

Posted On: Nov 4th 2018, 10:42 AM #382987

100% Facts. Spot on.

Yes we all know Robison supposedly has this high ceiling blah blah blah but what about DJ, he doesnt?  Who else at our level can look in the stable and say "well this isn't really working like we thought it would lets try our other highly touted 4 Star QB in there and see what he can do."  I just don't understand our coaching staffs obbsesivness/stuborness/love affair with Robison so far this season, or their pickiness of what they like and don't like about DJ.  We have pretty much wasted this season so far with this experiment.  Yeah Robison may look like Brett Favre in practices but he plays like Ryan Leaf when the lights come on right now.  He's a redshirt freshman, put him in the system and let him soak it in for another year or 2.  Its 8 games into the season and you can tell the game just hasn't slowed down for him yet, once any pass rusher steps one foot into the backfield he panics and presses things.  Time, reps, and continuously learning will get him that maturity and calmness, he's gonna be a good QB probably even a great QB.  

I just don't get why we have waited this long to let DJ actually play without his hands tied by limited play calling and looking over his shoulder for more than a drive or 2.  I know in the coaching staffs minds they are putting the players who they believe put them in the best position to win but come on guys, sometimes your just wrong and you gotta make a change, hell I do it all the time with my business.  Hell, Johnson may stink it up too but at least give the guy a shot with the complete playbook and gameplay without a limited amount of series, he hasn't done anything to lose us a game that the other qbs haven't done.

You know one thing that has stuck out in the back of my mind all season, and ill end it with this.  Before the season and before the QB competition had been decided before opening weekend i read an article somewhere interviewing other players on the team asking their opinions on the QB battle, all the responses from his peers were about how DJ is a REAL leader and knew how to lead the team and offense (A General was i believe one interviewees exact words).   Similar to Driskel last year that might just be what this team has needed this entire season.  We'll see hopefully.   
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