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Inside The Burrow

Chun goes from penthouse to, well, FAU...

On paper, it appears FAU got the man it wanted in new Athletic Director Pat Chun.

They wanted a fund-raising specialist, and got one. They wanted someone with big-time experience, and Chun has that.

Like the last three coaching…

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When failure is not an option...

Yes, I am alive.

Sorry for the absence, but since Failure Is Not An Option, school comes first.

The stakes are a bit high, given that I quit my job to go back to school, so this week I had a pathology test worth 30 percent of my grade, so that kind of took over.…

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No AD? No problem. FAU keeps firing and hiring

Well, all I can say is when FAU's existing coaches see acting Athletic Director Melissa Dawson heading their way, the appropriate response would be to dive for cover.

I have heard of bringing in hatchet men (or women), but Dawson has been using a chain saw.…

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Why doesn't FAU Stadium have a name yet?

Now that I am spending a lot of time on campus, I am beginning to realize just how iconic and eye-catching the new stadium is.

The thing is hard to miss no matter which way you come onto campus.

I have been taking in the view from…

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Dreaded Summer Doldrums are upon us

Well, here I am.
First day of unemployment in more than 30 years, but this was self-imposed, so I canít complain.
Thanks to Rick and Francois for allowing me space on this site for my blog.
The task for Owl Country at the moment is getting through the Dreaded Summer…

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My New Home...

Tuesday is my last official day at the Sun-Sentinel, and Wednesday will be my first day of blogging at my new home, which is here. So stay tuned for my observations from my new vantage point Ė as a full-time FAU student with $263.20 of his tuition going to the athletic department this semester.…

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