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owl2Doc's blog

Let's Imagine an Athletics Master Plan

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thought I'd do something special and talk about my vision for an FAU Athletics Master Plan over the next 50 years. I'll show you the image first (done in Paint because I have zero Photoshop skills)…

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College of Business Renovations plus updates on PG3/Breezeway

Greetings Owl fans.

Swung by campus the other night to see what was happening (the place is dead because all the students have gone home for the holidays) and noticed the long-awaited Sean Stein Pavilion has finally been…

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Strange Decision Could Impact Innovation Village Plans

UPDATE 4/15/14: "Held Kick-off meeting Feb. 26th. Site was changed to west of Bldg 71 College of Medicine. Architect to provide first concepts for the plans and elevation on March 19th." (

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Part 2: Ideas for the Student Union Expansion/Renovation

The last entry was getting a little long (they're all a little long) so I split this into two entries.

As you remember from last time, the proposed Student Union renovation/expansion (on hold for funding at the moment)…

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Early Plans for the Student Union Renovation/Expansion

We need a new Student Union pretty badly.

We just do. There's really no other way of saying it. The present building is too old and too small for our needs. Everybody knows it.

Fortunately, FAU has been working on the Student…

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Student Housing update 9/1/13 - Greek housing rumor, The Grove deta…

Oh, housing. How we need more of you.…

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FAU Hotel & Conference Center

Break out the mints and the fresh linens: FAU has been considering adding an academic hotel to campus for several years now and it sounds like plans are finally ramping up to make it a reality.

As part of its 2014-2019 Capital

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Photo Update 8/6/13: Cafe renovations and Burrow B+G

Greetings all! Welcome to the first FAU Diehard Blog post to be hosted by our friends at TON.

NOTE: There may be some errors as we continue to work the kinks out. UPDATED 8:00 pm on 8/7/13.

Stopped by campus to check out…

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Potential Housing Game Plan

FAU has made no secret about transforming its Boca Raton campus from a "commuter college" to a "traditional university" and we've made tremendous progress on various fronts - housing, stadium, recreational, Greek Life, out-of-state…

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The Cost of Progress

We've talked a lot about the changes FAU (and Boca Raton) could make by building new structures - academic, sports, housing, parking. It's so easy to see what other universities are doing and ask, "Why don't we have that? We should be building one of…

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Photo Update 6/11/13

Category: owl2Doc's blog

Swung by campus yesterday to check on the recent developments.

The Centre Marketplace addition is finishing up and should be ready for people by the end of next month.

Here's a rendering showing off what looks to be... a coffee and tea…

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Projects Underway

Parking Garage 3 is finally under construction but there's very little to show you at this point other than a green fence surrounding dirt being moved around by cranes. Doesn't make for very exciting photographs but the good news is, it's…

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New Food Options in Parliament Hall (the new dorm)

According to the March 20th, 2013 Meeting Minutes on the DineonCampus website, the new dorm should have a Red Mango and a Simply Puur.

Red Mango is a frozen yogurt, smoothie and "frozen coffee chillers" place. on their site you'll…

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Photo Update: Centre Marketplace Expansion, All-Night Study Center

Category: owl2Doc's blog

If you've been on campus lately, you might have noticed some construction going on over at the Student Union. This is not the formal expansion project we've previously discussed but rather an expansion to the Centre Marketplace buffet area, colloquially known on campus as "the…

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The Island

FAU recently hired a consultant to gauge the university's impact on the surrounding community, what it's doing well and how it could be doing better. Mixed responses abounded, of course, but I thought several suggestions in the

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Droppin' in

Apologize for the hiatus - school has picked up in full swing again and I'm extremely busy. Might be able to do a few quick updates here and there but no promises.

So what's been happening?…

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Public Bikes and Freshmen Restrictions

Category: owl2Doc's blog

When I went to FAU, my dad said I needed two things: a car and a bicycle. He explained, "Everyone in college has a bicycle. That's just how you get around."…

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"Welcome to Conference USA! ...you guys are gonna upgrade your facil…

Category: owl2Doc's blog

As soon as news broke about FAU accepting an invitation to Conference USA, people began wondering what this meant for the development of Athletics facilities in the near future. Athletic Director Pat Chun has mentioned a…

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Update on Boca Raton Regional Hospital/Schmidt Medical Center

You may remember that FAU and Boca Raton Community Hospital had reached an agreement back in 2006 to build the "nation's newest academic hospital" and the "nations' safest hospital" on the southeast corner of the Boca campus…

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