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2010 FAU Pro Day is Upon Us


Owl Dreams: Staying Alive

With high anticipations like today might bring, it does helps elevate dreams for a few Owl players.

As NFL scouts ascend to the Boca Raton campus for Pro Day, the players participating will be laying-out their all with the hopes of making a lasting impression. Fueled with a desire of† having the chance to play at the highest level, they will look to fan a burning desire sparked long ago.

We all have seen the projection of the mock drafts and possibilities that might exist for a few Owl hopefuls; with some of the late round projections, having done little to deter their enthusiasm.† It remains strong enough for them to remain hopeful towards becoming someone's diamond in the rough.

The Owl's Nest team will be providing coverage of todayís event and will provide some feedback on how the players preformed.