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A Day of Thanks

This is day were self control goes out the window as many folks will undoubtedly be gorging on all the fixings being prepared with great care on a day reserved to give thanks.  And fans in Owl land have many things to be grateful for and we should take the time to not only count those blessing, but be appreciative on the many blessing we have received.  It starts with the wisest of Owl's and the pioneer of a great vision and mastermind that will help define Owl athletics for many future generations.  His will and determination has already transformed this program on a path of great achievement in a short period on time, which he has stated "is ahead of schedule" in its development.  By no means should this take away from what the other coaches have done in other sports, including softball, baseball and now basketball, still in it's infancy stage, because we are ultimately bless in these areas as well for having great coaches that are dedicated to Owls Athletics, but more importantly, their players, but there is a change that is occurring, an undercurrent taking place that can not be seen, but felt and this vibration started the moment Howard Schnellenberger roamed the halls of Florida Atlantic, he has provided a catalyst for a change that will help transform Owl athletics on every levels, with a type of mind altering belief that is lead by a clear vision one can literally see taking place, transforming what Owl athletics will become. 


I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been able to be part of regarding this program and realize what being part of this youthful movement that does represent Owl athletics as it continues to grow.  We have been able to witness many great achievements already across the board in all sports and will no doubt continue to expand these achievements because of the strong undercurrents that do exist that will help carry this program to higher levels.


We are so bless to have the many great coaches part of the Owl family that share a vision, part of the "pipe dream" of what it takes to becoming champions, so I give thanks to all the coaches part of the Owl family for their dedication in building what will become an elite program in the future and the care they give to their players as they help them develop as individuals, giving them the tools they will need to live fulfilled lives.


Happy Thanksgiving to All.


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