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FAUNAA reception with Jarvis and pictures

The Lone Star Burrow event on Jan. 17 was small, but very nice. All that RSVPed attended the event. And most importantly, people in Texas who received the e-mail know we had and event and are aware will be having more in the future.

I also did some extra advertising on Facebook, and although no one from Facebook attended the event, they said that they are glad we are doing the event and look forward to future stuff.

My next task is to get a list of alumni that we don't have e-mail addresses or mailable address for, and search for them on MySpace and Facebook and see if we can get some updated info.

The quest for current contact information never ends!

The event did serve its purpose though: people that couldn't make the event at least know that the FAUNAA holds events in Texas... and the ones that did attend who weren't members of the FAUNAA will be members by the end of this week (well, that's what they said. I can almost guarantee two of three, if not all three join. one of the alumni present was already a member, and one non-alumni might be joining as a "friend.")

The reception with Jarvis

There were some tough questions being asked by the event attendees and Jarvis fielded them well. He said that the team has some really great recruits coming in ... and one of them is apparently deciding between FAU and an Ivy League school. He continued to say they are recruiting students with high GPAs as well.

When asked what the alumni in Texas can do to help the team.... Jarvis responded jokingly with the idea of chartering a team jet. He went on to say in a more serious tone that the traveling the team does has taken its toll on the players - and Thursday away games with a home game Saturday schedule is not conducive to resting injuries, playing well or academics. A chartered plane would allow the team to get in and out in one day and only miss one day of classes - not three.

He never mentioned that Graham had missed the plane that morning... but maybe it was instances like that he was referring to.

I asked the question about conference affiliation and when we can see FAU move into a "better" conference. He said that it all depends on football, but from a basketball stand point, C-USA would be the best bet and that the Big East is a stretch for our program in general - especially because Jarvis' son told the group that there are facility regulations (8,000 seats) that we don't meet to be in the Big East for basketball.

The Future of the Lone Star Burrow

First and foremost, we need to write a loose set of guidelines/by-laws that will "govern" us as we continue to grow. Who is in charge? What constitutes a member? Do we have a system of benchmark pricing where FAUNAA members get a discount at Lone Star Burrow events vs. non-members? etc.

After we establish some loosely-written guidlines (because we aren't supposed to be a govenrment agency with pages and pages of bylaws, we just need some guidelines to help build a foundation) include doing a reception in Houston this summer, tailgate before the FAU v. UNT football game (if it's in Denton this year) and maybe round of golf when FAU football plays UNT. Who knows... maybe we'll do a game kickoff party in Austin.

But I am really looking forward to the event in Houston because we have some energetic alumni who recently moved there and they really want to get things started.

We could also hold more events including "watch parties" that we could organize in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin when the Owls play on TV.

None of those events are official or even in the planning stages yet. But I've got big goals and those are just some of them.

Homecoming 2009 return?

One thing that I was really pleased to hear is that one of our alumni, who has not been to FAU since 2001, wants to return to campus for the 2009 Homecoming. What has changed since then? Well...
    Track and field facilityFitness centerBurrow renovationsBusiness buildingRenovation to Algonquin and the construction of HPT and GPT resident hall, along with the demolition of Modoc, Naskapi, Timuqua, Seminole, Mohave, etc.Branding initiativeNursing buildingParking garagesStudent Union renovationCafeteria renovationStudent Services building
and more

Yeah, he won't be shocked. :)

The pictures and captions are below.

  Tradition in the Making...One Alum at a Time,



  Dave Larson and Mike Jarvis - wing span: Jarvis talked to the group about the difference between a player's height and his wingspan. Jarvis said that they are recruiting players with a large wingspan because in reality, it makes them taller than if they had short arms but were really seven feet tall.

Dave Larson, Chancellor Dugan and Shannon Litton: Dave said he sat with the Lady Owls during the men's game and talked with the players and coaches.


Doug Bourne and Mike Jarvis: Bourne has attended several events including the 2007 New Orleans Bowl, 2007 game vs. UNT in Denton and the 2008 game vs. Texas in Austin.


Group picture with Lonestar Burrow Banner: Three alumni and some of the basketball staff 


Ric Hicks and Mike Jarvis: Ric has not been back to campus since 2001. He was an RA and attended FAU only because of a scholarship he received. He made it a point to tell me he wanted to come back for Homecoming this year and see all the great progress the university has made.


Rick Smith '07 and Mike Jarvis - Rick Smith '07 is a member of the National Alumni Association's Board of Directors and was the main contact for this event in Texas.


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