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Inside the Burrow: With Frantz Joseph


#56 Frantz Joseph


Linebacker  6-2, 232

Fort Lauderdale High School Fort Lauderdale, FL

A Linebacker and Hard Hitting Tackler

Frantz Joseph might have taking a bit of a detour before coming to FAU, but the linebacker has done nothing but flourish while playing for the Owls.  He's a hard hitting tackling machine who leads by example.

Q:  What are some of your goals for the '08 season?


No. 1 is to win overall as a team. 

No. 2 as a defense, I want to execute my assignments.

No. 3 Finish the season strong and have the best possible outcome that we can.


Q:  Family brought you to FAU after spending your freshman season at Boston College,how has being closer to your family help you become the player you are now?


Off the field, I think you have to realize the situation and fight through adversity. Overcoming a lot and you carry that on the field knowing that there are times when things are good and there are times when things are hard. It has helped me in knowing how to fight through adversity.


Q:  What are the biggest influences in your live that help define who you are as a person & football player?


My mother is a very strong woman. Being a single mom raising five kids, I hope to pick up on all of her character, her traits and the things she has done so well.


Q:  Coming off a great game against UAB, 6 solo tackles, 10 assisted, you have become quite the ball hawk and known to deliver the big hits, what do you attribute the successes you have had on the field?


I wouldn't call the first two games a success in my book. I guess 16 tackles, but I'm shooting for a win and a better contribution from the defense.


Q:  You are one of the veterans on a unit that is surrounded by youth, what can a Frantz Joseph to do help the younger guys on the defensive unit become better players?


I definitely try to lead by example. You can't just talk you have to show them.


Q:  Does playing a team like Texas help you and your teammate prepare differently for a team like Michigan State?  


Texas was a great team and so is Michigan State. It isn't a matter of playing Texas, UAB or Michigan State. It is a matter of coming to work every day, practice every week and putting it down.


Q:  The defense has yet to play to it's potential this season, with so much talent on the defensive unit, what one element do you feel is missing, to getting the unit playing at it's full potential?


It has been a lack of execution and communication. Maybe chemistry with young players playing for those banged up. We had a veteran squad last year we need to work on our chemistry.


QYou are listed as a Marketing & Business management major, what are your plans after playing football at FAU?


I have a lot of plans, but I can't worry about that. I need to finish out the season and stay focused.


Q:  What are some of you hobbies outside of football?


Spend time with family and friends.



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