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Inside the Burrow: With Andre Clark


    #49 Andre Clark

      Redshirt Senior

      Linebacker  6-1, 220

      Pace High School, Miami Fl

Growing up with a purpose

With a family depending on him at home, it help change Andre Clark outlook on life, giving him a more define purpose on and off the field.  The level of maturity has given him a much stronger presence on the field, adding to the development of a strong linebacking corp that has become the strength of the Owls defense. 

Heading into the '08 season what are some of your goals?


First of all, my goal is to get drafted in the NFL. And my second goal is to be one of the best linebackers in the nation and an All-American.


What were some of things you felt you had to improve on in the off-season?


The main thing that I had to improve on was my weight because I feel I wasn't taking it all that seriously. This year I got to my ideal weight that I feel I have to be at to be explosive and powerful on the field.



You have become a strong presence on the field, what do you attribute the success you've had on the field?


I attribute it to my dedication of the film room and studying the game. Because I never really dedicated myself throughout my career as I have in the past two years. So that's an accumulation of the past two years of me taking it seriously and being a student of the game.


What was the determining factor that helped Andre Clark realize he had to reach a higher level of maturity?  And how has the personal growth help you become a better player on the field?


I have a family I have to go home to every night and look in their face and be a serious man, so that's the biggest part of what forced me to go from a boy to a man was my situation at home with my wife and kids. You can't lie to them, and through them, they made me realize that I was a man.


With the success of last year, it raised the level of expectations coming into '08 especially with a veteran team returning, has those expectations put any additional pressure on the players this year?

I wouldn't say that it put additional pressure but it did make us ease up a little bit in the beginning of the season. Because this is the first time that we've had high expectations out here and I think guys expected things to happen after we did all the hard work in the past, that they didn't expect it to be that difficult.


Big conference game coming up against the Blue Raiders, and with some of the early struggles this season, does the defense feel like they need to make a statement in this game?


We feel like we absolutely have to stop them on first and third down. And we have to execute mentally, because that's been our big downfall in the first four games. If we can up our mental execution, than we feel we can play with anybody.



What are some of the key elements for the defense to have success against Middle Tennessee?


I think the linebackers have to set the tone, If the linebackers set the tone their will be a trickle-down effect, everyone will be affected by the play of the linebackers.


Majoring in Interdisciplinary studies/art and humanities, what are your plans after football at FAU?


Right now I have no idea, but I am going to go to the Career Center to make my resume and get caught up on that aspect of my life.


Away from football what are some of your hobbies?


I spend time with my family, but mainly I just think about football.


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