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NFL Scouts Descend On Owl Country

FAU Pro Day 2010 : Testing, testing, show me what you've got
Owl Country still waits for their first player to be drafted into the NFL ranks.†† Scouts from 14 teams assembled on the Boca Campus today armed with measuring sticks and stop watches with hopes they might find a diamond in the rough.† Letís face it: being a young program, the Owls have yet been able to establish a pipeline funneling talent for NFL teams.

Today is about a group of young men making the most of an opportunity few have, fueled by a dream born long ago.† Fewer still; are the groups of prospects that have the physical talent required to grace the ranks of what many would call their quest for the Holy Grail.

That quest seems easier for some of the more gifted athletes, yet the preparation started long before they ever played collegiate ball.†† It is a life time commitment, accompanied sincere dedication, with no guarantees.

However, even if they are not part of the chosen few to be selected come NFL Draft weekend, they will still have the great experience of playing college ball and earning a degree of higher learning.† Both will help shape their future.

As strange as the weather patterns have been this winter, it was again a cooler but clear windy day as a group of undeterred Owl prospects preformed drills for NFL scouts, or one north of the border - the frozen tundra of the CFL.

Even with the wind conditions Rusty Smith and his Quarterback coach George Whitfield saw this as an opportunity to showcase his skill set under non-ideal conditions.

Even "with the wind whipping around, I think I did very well", said Smith. "I showed scouts I could throw with a shorter quicker release and still have arm strength and accuracy".

His quarterback coach George Whitfield said that "I wanted to show that he [Rusty] has a big engine, the kid is a work horse, a grinder...is not afraid to do anything".

The ability to be able to overcome and deliver can greatly increase your stock. With 72 throws, far exceeding the norm and falls on the high side, both felt it was mission accomplished.

Scouts already knew of Jason's catching abilities, but he did have to show some good numbers in his 40.

Jason had a good feeling about his effort. "It felt pretty good out there, said Harmon. "I showed them everything; I can run routes and I can catch."

William Rose, on the other hand, was confident that he helped himself with a good day of drills having maximized his opportunity to open some eyes.

"I was pretty pleased with the numbers, above and beyond what I expected...I had a good day", said Rose. "Today was to come out and turn some heads and open some minds on who I am".

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