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Playing the Best

It's no secret that Schnellenberger has used USF as a model to build this program and why not, the Bulls are now in the top 10 - #6 in the AP & #9 in the coaches' poll.  When they found themselves a fit for the Big East after the defections of Miami and Virginia Tech, the Bulls finds themselves where the Owls inspire to be and why not, just what it would mean for recruiting purposes would be a big shot in the arm for this program and help elevate it the a higher level of play, the money the conference pulls is not a bad reason either and we can't forget it is a BCS conference.


The Owls have a motto, play the best to be the best, and you couldn't plan what is about to happen for the Owls next, we get to play another team playing at the top of their game. The way I see it, Coach wouldn't have it any other way.  If these games are deemed advance training for the players, then having to play Kentucky and South Florida in back-to-back games fits the bill, but I would consider it, Advance Training II: not for the weak of hearts and for experts only.  Maybe the energizer bunny will make a guest appearance on the Owls sideline on Saturday.


Just when we thought we have reached new heights as a program, the mountains not only gets steeper, but a bit more rugged as we continue our climb to the summit, you just have to buckle down and focus on the objective and for the Owls it is the Sun-Belt Conference Title and this just happens to be part of the course that needs to be scaled to reach the summit.


The game on Saturdays just got bigger with USF climbing their way to the a #6 ranking and should help provide a crazy game time atmosphere on Saturday and when you throw in ESPN into the mix, things could get interesting.






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