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Recruiting The Home Town Way

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FAU Coach VanValkenburg addresses High School Prospects during the FAU Development Camp

With prospect evaluation efforts in high gear, the recent FAU Development camp was part of the process

Spring usually is an indication that the recruiting process is underway, and with the recent FAU development camp, recruiting moves into high gear.

These camps are essential to not only developing the skills high school athletes will need as they pursue their dream, but heightens the importance of earning a college degree on their quest of playing football at the college level.

Life isn’t always fair and your journey can change quickly.

Do you have the talent to reach the college or NFL ranks? Or will an injury keep your hopes grounded?  Will you be one of the fortunate few to live the dreams of many by playing at the next level?  The coaching theme was to reiterate that even if you happen to be one of the few to succeed and reach the next level, it will only represent a short period of your life. The most important part of college football is being prepared for the rest of life’s journey; as it becomes just as important as the preparations you make to pursuing your dreams of playing on the gridiron at the college or NFL level.

You hope that these type of camps will help put things into perspective and help these young athletes make better choices as some prepare to take the next step.

But the prospects were not the only ones to benefit from the event. FAU coaches had the opportunity to spend quality time with over 150 high school athletes in just one afternoon.

The extended facetime allowed them to develop stronger relationships with the prospects early in the recruiting process, which hopefully will keep more Florida talent playing locally.

The FAU coaching staff is not concerned with having early commitments, but are strongfast about establishing and solidifying the relationship with these athletes; thus making sure the commitments are solid.

The approach FAU uses is different from what the larger school employ and Coach VanValkenburg mentioned that “it’s not our goal to offer guys [recruits] early … we are slower doing that because we are the backyard guys. We can’t back off" like some of the larger schools who will extend offers whether or not they intend to see it through to signing day.

VanValkenburg furthers his point by saying, “we think we are the home town bunch,” and emphasizes the importance of the relationship that is established between the players and the high school coaches. And that the bond that is formed will keep the pipe line in good order.   Since the hunting ground is more localized, it becomes even more important towards maintaining a good working relationship for all accounts.

This will aid in making sure that FAU is able to reel in the bigger fish in the future.

Here are a few comments from Coach Van Valkenburg talking about the recruiting process FAU uses.