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Recruiting: Travis Jones "The Natural"

Travis Jones

RB - Athlete, 5'10" 150

Treasure Coast High School

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Travis Jones is of these kids that might have escape the grasp of larger programs because of his size. But when you find someone with his skills, it's hard to pass up.


One thing is for sure, Florida Atlantic coaches are not afraid to take a chance on any player - regardless of size.  It seems to allow them to find great athletes other school will overlook merely because their size, or lack there of.


 "I'm really excited for Travis. They [Florida Atlantic] are getting an athlete," Coach Kelley said. "He was a ridiculous amount of our offense... about 60% of our offense and in [my] nineteen year of coaching, I haven't had a kid that could make people miss as well as he could. He has the ability to make people miss."


The natural ability Coach Kelley talks about allowed Jones to grind out over 1,400 yards with an impressive total of 24 touchdowns.


"He has a God given ability to make people miss and watching him on film doesn't do it justice [on Jones abilities]. Watch it in person and you will literally see Travis make three cuts in space in the second level and I couldn't tell you which direction he ends up going - his cut ability is fantastic, as good as I've seen," said Kelley. He adds that with his best skill is making people miss, which is proportional to Jones "quickness, tremendous quickness, tremendous change of direction, there is no waste of steps when he changes direction."


And when you hear Coach Bill Kelley talk about Jones, it's hard not to get excited to have an opportunity to watch Jones in action.


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