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Reflecting moments

I haven't blogged much as of late, but after yesterday's poor performance in the second half, I felt it was time for me to get back behind the keyboard and share a few thoughts on the team and season.

Here are a few words from Mike Jarvis describing why the Owls lost to Western Kentucky.

For reasons beyond Jarvis' control, the team has to deal with a lack of depth which seems to be impacting how the team is able to compete in the second half of most games.  "You do the best you can do" was Jarvis' response on having to work with a short bench.  And having to play with a small lineup has been more out of necessity until the Owls can get healthy again.

The season has not gone the way many fans would like, but it's not like Jarvis inherited a stacked team and it is becoming more apparent that this is a team in it's early stages of development.  Here are a few words from Jarvis on where the program is.

The season is long from being over and looks like it will be a long and painful road for the Owls, but once the team gets healthy again, good things will come.  Jarvis is always the optimist - looking for any positives signs.

Here are some finals thoughts on the season and where the focus seems to have shifted.

Hopefully, the Owls can find the light at the end of the tunnel soon as that important first conference victory still looms out there for the taken.


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