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Rex Walters: Part I

There is no question that this basketball program needed a facelift and when Craig Angelo's hired Matt Doherty not only did he instill the catalyst for the foundation that will become Owl Basketball, but will surely be transformed and be redefine by Rex Walters, lacking in experience as a head coach, he still possess the necessary skills that would help him through the many challenges he had to face in his first year, at the helms of a program in need of an identity.


While fans might have been angry with Matt Doherty quick exit, there is little doubt to what his short presence had on this program, he brought a certain level of excitement that did not exist before and most importantly, he brought in an assistant coach by the name of Rex Walters.  Doherty's biggest contribution, looking pass what transpired on the hard court, but the things he did behind the scenes that cannot be measured in the win and loss column, will somehow be reflected in what this program will ultimately become.  Under the tutelage of Matt Doherty, Rex Walters was able to see first hand the day to day operations and the different duties of what being a head coach meant, and having had the privilege, not always extended to an assistant coach whose duties are primarily to being a recruiter and a coach, became an invaluable and needed learning experience for Walter's.  Something can be said of the inside skinny that was gained by Rex Walters and how he handled himself during his first year.  It has become clear that the Owls Basketball program has the right man in charge, to bring the program to a higher level of competition.


Fans sometimes fall victim to a symptom know as, tunnel vision, and only define success of a program with the on-court performance and forget the work that is required in building a program.  That first year did set the foundation to start the building process and nothing could have prepared Rex Walters for what was to come in his first year tenure, with the stage set, Rex Walters was up to the challenge, and there where many challenges facing him during the beginning stages, enough to make one head spin out of control, with the academic issues and injuries that occurred, creating a shortage of players to work with,  he was able to maintain control and elevate above the unrest long enough to stay in control.  The many distractions did very little to stop what would become a defining moment and have a lasting impression on this young program.  To me, this marked a new era in Owl's basketball, one where last year success goes beyond the final stats and standings, but the ability of Rex Walters keeping his band of soldiers focused to battle through the difficulties that stretch their will and determinations to their limits, physically and mentally, persevering with a magical finish to a season that brought both fans and players, capsulated with such high energy and electricity that emanated from the Burrow and as never before, the Burrow rocked in a symphonious synchronicity. 


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