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Something new for "The Owls Nest" members

Some of you have been faithful members from the very beginning when this web site started out as a message forum (only) set up by OG Owl and has now grown to be much more.

The  vision I have for this site started as far back as  '04-'05, early stages of this forum and when OG Owl was still around.  I remember the day I brought a few of my ideas to the table and the reaction I got from OG, "you have your work cut out for you".  So much truth in that statement. 

Part of that vision included, recruiting information.  This is something that has been in the works for a couple of years now & finally coming to fruition. 

Yesterday, marked the first step for the Owls Nest stepping in the play ground dominated by the big boys.  This will be a work in progress, but regardless it comes down to providing The Owl Nest members with reliable and accurate information.

Acting like a little kid yesterday, I found it hard to contain and withhold the information on our two latest verbals - RB Tyrie Allen and OL Chris Chappell, without much supporting information (with Owls Nest members doing some leg work of their own).

Further information on both players will soon follow and probably include something on the other recruits as the members of  The Owls Nest team continue to expand the coverage of FAU athletics.  Hopefully, by weekend ends, all information will be up on the main site with links to supporting information on each individual players. 

The Site itself is a work in progress, as we continue to grow the Owls Nest Team and continue to develop the site to provide the wealth of information fans seek.

Francois Rioux
President of Anthem Sports
"The Owls Nest" Team member


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