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Things to look forward to this Fall

Here are some of my key points that I will be looking for, coming in the Fall with the season opener on the horizon. Spring is hard to get a really good gauge as to where this team is, with many youngsters getting a look.

We need to establish a better pass rush and I do think that Coach S is working the defense hard to get this done.  This is a must with the offensives style of systems we see weekly in the Belt (the spread offense), we need to develop a much more consistent penetration in the back field to help disrupt the opposing offenses, the lack off any form or pressure in the backfield was one reason we gave up so much yardage and other teams where able to hang around as much as they did.

The offense last year didn't get off to a good start, which was expected, losing 4-5 of your starting receivers in a short period of time did cause some timing issues Rusty had a new set of receivers he was forced to get acquitted with, but once the learning curve factored itself in during the course of the season, the offense became very productive at the right time.  With some fine tuning and the development of some of the new faces on the line, I don't see a drop-off in the production, but a more stable offense. There is always some concern with the addition of new players on the OL, especially with the type of system Coach runs, but the only negative I see, is the depth, the opposite can be said for the DL where we should have Depth.

The offense still will have a bunch of weapons, so I am hoping we can take advantage of the experience we do have returning and be as explosive if not more dangerous then last year.  If this develops, it may not matter much if the defense gets any better or not. 

I do think that we have some very talented guys on defense and I don't see a drop off there and if we do get a better pass rush, it should help the secondary out a great deal.


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