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Time to Move on

All year this team has found success not playing their best, leaving points on the field has become a norm and not in a good way, as we found out against the Warhawks.  The team has played hard and with great energy,  but still need to learn to execute  for sixty minutes, not just when then game is on the line.

The players have shown the resiliency to coninue to fight when things aren't goin well and sometime that hard work leave you with an empty feeling and with nothing to show for and reminds you that you have to continue to work even harder, because work still has to be done, if you are to acheive the goal of reaching the summit and yes, the peak is still in sight and the Owls still control their own destiny which after a gut wrenching loss is about all you can ask for, to still have a chance for the conference title.  No one said it was going to be easy. 

The road is not going to get any easier, because there is always someone in the way that is looking to trip you along the way and the Owls still needs to take care of business against Arkansas State andthink of nothing esle because it is a one game season from here on out, the way each game should be played anyway.




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