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Who will be the next Coach?

I haven't had a chance to do much homework on any of the candidates yet, and have remained an observer over the process and have not committed to any one candidate so far.

I have heard some of you make a case for your favorites:

The PBPost seems to lean towards Price, the Sun-Sentinel Jarvis, some on this board have made a clear decision on Balado should get his chance to shine & some have leaned toward Jarvis.

Balado probably possesses the ability to become a good coach, yet we would have to endure a learning curve much like  we did with Rex, yet I feel like it might be a bit longer for Balado.  Rex was exposed to the other part of what it means to be a head coach (administrative, which is not aways an easy process to get a handle on), I don't think Balado has.

I am always a firm believer in giving people a chance to prove themselves, the only problem I see with Balado is the inexperience, not as a coach, but what it means to be a Head Coach which does involve much more then the X & O's, but the daily operations of a program.  Sure, he might possess the potential to become a good one, the question I have is can FAU as a program wait 3-4 years for him to develop.

There has been talk of FAU as a program moving to a bigger & better conference and that indicates to me that Balado might not be the guy, not because of his abilities, but lack of inexperience that would work against him if the time table that might exist for us to move to a different conference - not saying it's going to happen, just throwing out something that needs to be considered because this is something that has been discussed already and does play a roll in this decision process.

You would hate to lose a quality coach because of this, but it does present a limitation that exist against Balado.

And the same can be said of any assistant on that list of possible candidates.  Part of the problem I see, is 
Rex was suppose to be the guy that got us there, instead we are back to square one, we cannot allow ourselves to continue to start the process over, if we are serious about growing this program and moving to a biggger & better conference - stability is key.

All this seems to favor a candidate with experience

Now, comes a reality check - what is the actual possibility of FAU even getting the chance to moving to a better & bigger conference.  I don't think anybody really knows, even the folks in athletics because it is something that is out of their control, yet I believe that it is becoming part of the thought process.

IMO, Angelo's seems to like experience and a candidate that brings instant credibility - Doherty for example.

Angelo's took a chance with a newbie in Rex and I am not sure he wants to repeat that with Balado, which unfortunately could work against Balado.

I am interested in bringing in some stability to the program & would be willing to give anyone the chance that is qualified even if it did take 4-5 years to accomplish.  Another factor that does exist is, how upfront is Angelo's & Brogan with the candidates with the limitations that exist with a program like FAU or do possible candidates think that they are above any limitations & can somehow overcome them with the name recognition they may have, thus once they actually feel it they want out ASAP.

This is a program that holds many potential for the right candidate and it will take a lot of hard work on and off the court.  Each program hold different challenges and it will be up to that person to adapt to the position & the limitations that are present to help bring this program forward.

I guess we will find out soon enough who that person will be.


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