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Jeff VanCamp Leads Summer Workouts

Senior quarterback assumes the reigns for 2010

Jeff VanCamp has done this before, however he never had to the lead the whole team.

Florida Atlantic kicked off the Summer B semester with its first unorganized team workout under VanCamp’s leadership Monday morning.

“It’s a different year for me going in to the summer as the starter, it’s a little bit different having to be vocal with the players and be more of a leader,” VanCamp said.

With coaches unable to participate in drills during the offseason period, someone has to step and run them, and that person usually is the starting quarterback. For FAU that means it’s the fifth- year senior VanCamp who has gone through the workouts since he was a freshman.

“It’s been the same since Jarred Allen was the quarterback, they kept it the same and passed it down to Rusty, now it’s with me,” explained VanCamp on the overall set-up of the drills.

VanCamp and the other seniors determined a good time for everyone to practice, and then he called and communicated that time to the team. All of the players then show up on the designated days.

Monday, the offense ran plays with VanCamp and worked on routes. The wide receivers, running backs and tight ends were all going through the drills, which is a big benefit for VanCamp and the Owls.

“We got some young guys that need to learn the plays and since the coaches can’t be out there, the older guys have to teach the guys what to do so were all on the same page,” remarked VanCamp.

Not only are the offensive skill set players practicing under VanCamp’s watch, the defensive unit is set to run drills and provide pass coverage throughout the summer. Starting Wednesday, the secondary and linebackers will run defensive schemes against the offense’s plays in a 7-on-7 type of format.

“Were really competitive, and we really want to each other show who’s better,” VanCamp said on how tense the offseason sessions can get. “It’s just the competitive nature.”

Competition is good, especially for VanCamp who gets the opportunity to work on his mechanics and accuracy against the FAU defense.

When asked of what he is working on this summer in terms of himself, VanCamp remarked, “I’m working on my accuracy really, and just getting the ball out on time.”

The Owls and VanCamp are set to run 7-on-7 and drills on Mondays and Wednesdays this summer until fall camp starts in August.

Approximately 50 players are enrolled for the Summer B session, including four newcomers.