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Exit 39's "Mortal Locks" for Week 9

Sorry I  missed you ladies last week. I've been on a bender parting with Andre Agassi til the sun came up. I watched my Giants get embarrassed like the Owls in Lincoln in the Big Easy and the following week I was at Notre Dame watching a bunch of Leprechauns prancing around in tights as they beat but didn't cover the Pigeons of Boston College.

The Big Easy is a place were bad things can happen to good people and its a good thing there were a couple of good girls looking to get bad. Like Rusty, I was hiking from behind center all weekend. Bow Chicka.  Norte Dame? eh. The band is cool but its a bunch of chubby, pasty white Irish guys looking to give reverse jerks to Jimmy Clausen. And to be honest, I don't blame them because the chicks there.... well lets just say even the Mormons would only want one wife.

What do we think about this weeks picks? Well as usual they're locks. So here we go:

Owls: Anyone who read Teddy Hutton's article yesterday saw that smurfs scribes are already giving the game to FAU. The offense is rolling, and Morris is taking his balls to the hole and running the ball well too. Owls for 5 units.

As for the rest, no need to get into them because we all know that we're going to make money today.

8 units Oregon State
8 units Mississippi
6 units Wisconsin
5 units Indiana
5 units Tennessee

And the New York Yankees, 3 units, because Andy Pettite is probably the best post season pitcher in the history of the game. And because the only reason he left NY for Houston years back was because his wife was tired of him using his sinker ball on every little Jewish chick in NYC. Yeah Andy, get yours brother, get yours.

Go OWLS!!!

Exit 39 - 02'