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Exit 39's "Mortal Locks" for Week 10

rusty-special-slider-08-24-09A sad week in Owl Country as one of the God Fathers of FAU football ends his collegiate career like a 16 year old dude romancing it for the first time - prematurely.

Rusty Smith is a class act; he has lead by example and always puts team first. I wish him well in the NFL, because there's no doubt he'll be there.

If a pansy like Tony Romo and a mentally challenged Kyle Orton can lead teams to winning records there's no reason why Rusty won’t completely dominate.

So what's new in the Del Boca Vista? Have my picks, combined with your nerdiness and perseverance, gotten any of you freshman any female action that could be future girlfriend material?

As for the picks today:

8 units Kansas St .

8 units Oregon St .

6 units Northwestern

6 units Oklahoma

5 units Penn State

5 units UConn

Good luck, have fun and always wrap it up.

Exit 39 -02'