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Exit 39's "Mortal Locks" for Week 7

This week I was cruising through the Midwest seeing clients for work. I'm at this steakhouse called Sullivan's in Omaha, NE waiting on a couple of clients to show. I'm at the bar enjoying a drink and my eye catches this blond waitress who to say the least, has developed quite nicely. I'm shooting the breeze with her and its going pretty well. Then I'm about to ask her if she wants to grab a drink when she gets off work, ie. do you want to come back to my hotel room and earn your tip. Then she tells me some random fact about how the county in Nebraska she lives in, Douglas County, has the second highest STD rate in the country. I choked on the drink and spit out. Who the hell says that? Was this a ploy for me to stop hitting on her or was she just some wacko. I donít know but I slept alone that night.

Mortal locks:

FAU - Going big here, 15 units. If the Owls donít win Iím banishing them for the year. Iím completely done with this team if they lose this game. If they donít win this they should go back to 1AA. Iím already annoyed and pissed off about this team, but Iím giving them one last chance.

Pitt- (Friday night game) - I just dig them and they're underrated. Rutgers is nothing but an afterthought. 3 units.

Louisville +13 Ė Uconn is good but itís still a conference game and statistically it will be competitive. Play the statistics. 3 units.

Illinois -3.5 - Cause Iím currently hitting it with this chick whoís a Illinois alum and sheís hot. Also because the book wants you to take Indiana at home with the points. Illinois is better than they look and theyíre going to come out on top, if you can buy a half a point do it, to -3.

Exit 39 - 02'