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"No Such Thing as the Off-Season"

Jarvis looks ahead to 2010-11

Basketball season ended prematurely for FAU fans as the Owl’s lost their last four games and were bounced in the first round of the Sun Belt tournament.

But Coach Mike Jarvis is already looking ahead to the improvements it will take to keep next season alive further, and some scheduling measures to enhance visibility.

“We lost four games because we weren’t good enough defensively to win the four games”, Jarvis said. “Now we start to prepare for next season.”

Accordingly, action items are already in swing. Improving on defensive skills and stamina will be a key focus.

“We do an evaluation on everybody, and they do an evaluation on themselves, and we start the next season”, said Jarvis.

“It’s a continuation. They’ get back into the weight room on a more regular basis, and try to get bigger, stronger, better. There’s no such thing as the off-season in college sports anymore.”

With a stellar recruiting class taking the floor, the team made significant strides this year while winning eight more games over last season and earning some respect amongst league members along the way.

In a familiar trend, the upcoming year also offers the insertion of additional talent, and a player that Jarvis says could change the Owl’s in a big way.

“He (Kore White) could make this an entirely different team. His presence - his ability both offensively and defensively - could drastically alter how the team plays and how successful this team is”, Jarvis said.

“Now you’ve got another big guy who can not only rebound and defend, but score. He’s just a really, really special player.”

White, who transferred from Marshall and sat out the season, averaged nearly a triple double during his senior season at Dillard High in Fort Lauderdale.

In a surprise statement, Jarvis said that Sanchez Hughley was “possible” for next season.  Recently, after the Western Kentucky game, he had stated that he would be back or he “wouldn’t be talking about him”.

However, for now, it isn’t guaranteed.

“It’s possible he’ll be back. It’s going to depend a lot on Sanchez. I haven’t met with him yet, but as of right now he’s here”, Jarvis said. “As of right now everybody that’s on our roster is on our roster, as of this moment. But I have not met with everybody.”

The non conference schedule is partially set for next season, thanks to return contract games, and will feature American and Manhattan making trips into FAU Arena.

As is always the norm for lower mid-majors, FAU’s 2010-11 slate will offer a few road opponents that aid in filling the budgetary coffer.

“Right now we’re scheduled to play Florida, and I think Pittsburg. We’ll need another money game. Then we’re looking at possibly playing in an early season tournament which would basically give us three games for the price of two”, Jarvis said.

Jarvis offered that if FAU can get into the tournament he wants them the Owls would receive a compensation clause enabling them to go over seas during the summer to participate in a foreign tour. This would obviously benefit the program in exposure on the international recruiting front.

“To go over seas and play against some international teams, and spend a couple weeks aboard, would be kind of nice”, said Jarvis.

The team kicks of the official start of the 2010-11 season on October 15th.