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FAU Faithful Welcomes Home Owls

Welcome "Home"

A small, but festive crowd of 25+, and two dogs (yes dogs) gathered at the Oxley Center tonight to welcome home the Fighting Owls - fresh off their triumphant victory in Detroit.

Plenty of wind on hand, which resulted in some cool temps.  But that didn't keep the Dirty Birds from firing up the grill for some tasty hot dogs, and "undisclosed beverages".

First to meet the lens, was The BullDog.  I think we need to put this one in the endzone for a game.  Could deter visiting Teams a bit from scoring if they knew it was lurking there to meet them upon arrival in forbidden territory.




Good thing Dirty Phil had his Chihuahua on hand to keep him in line.  Thought I might be bait, as he looked awful hungry after smelling those hot dogs going on the grill and wasn't offered any.  But, after seeing Phil's loyal companion standing by, I felt much safer.  Check out those eyes.



Some of the faithful Fans who begin gathering as early as 6:00PM.



Recognize the older gentleman in the left corner of the photo?  Probably so.  That is the infamous "Medicaid Mike".  A regular on Ted Hutton's FAU Sports Blog, Mike is about the most loyal fan you could ever run across, and he has logged more special event, practice, and game time attendance hours than any other FAU Fan known to man. A real trooper.  Here's Mike donning the banner he proudly displays along his travels throughout Owl Country with the Dirtys on hand and Vince Paris (father of Nick Paris).



Arrival in Boca Raton

The Team landed at Fort Lauderdale executive Airport around 7:10PM, and made thier way back to Boca via the FAU Police escort; arriving at The Ox around 8:40pm.

First off the bus was The Voice, who gave a triumphant wave to onlookers as they cheered.



He was followed by fellow Owls all happy to be back in Boca Raton with another Bowl Trophy to don in the Oxley Center.


WR "Snoop" Gent



DE Daniel Joeseph



Corey Small clutching a Team autographed ball we will all Hope to get a copy of.



TE Jamari Grant



TE Rob Housler



DE Michael Hancock, who enjoyed a fine Senior season.



Nick Paris and Family (father and sister).

Thumbnail image for Paris'.JPG 


Dirty Phil wasted no time in hitting the recruiting trail for the "Dirty Birds" next member after catching sight of Nick; who has aspirations of becoming a Coach at some point.  Owl Country wishes him well in that endeavor, and will certainly miss this Senior.  He's a special guy.  Whatever the Good Lord has in store for Nick after FAU, we're all sure that he will do well.

Phil recruit.JPG 


Final Thoughts 

A special Homecoming for a Special Team.  Tired, withered, and victorious was the air for the event.  We have all benefited from their never give up attitude this year.  Here is a Team that began the year at 1-5, and  went on to trod were none had been before; becoming the only Team , All-Time, to win two consecutive Bowl Games in only 7 years of exsistence.  Unheard of.  What a spectacular feat.  One which, in all likelihood, will never be accomplished again.

The night was a fitting ending to a successful Season for the Owls of FAU.  Glad to have been a part of it.


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