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Member Profile: Meet OWLUMNI...

If you have been around FAU sporting events for any amount of time recently, you most likely will recognize Jose Herrera.

A two time graduate of Florida Atlantic University (2005 Criminal Justice, & 2009 Masters, Criminal Justice), Jose is one of the most spirited and vocal supporters of the University's athletic programs you will come across.

Currently a member of the FAU Alumni Relations Staff as an Events Coordinator, he can be found at football games and events, men's and women's basketball games, and a variety of other sporting contests.

A member of the Owl's Nest since December 2007, Jose goes by the screen name of "OWLUMNI". He was okay with outing him, so those concerned about board anonymity standards being violated may now stand down.

As the winner of the Owl's Nest 2010 Final Four Contest, recently had the pleasure of spending some time with him at his daily abode within the halls of the Marleen & Harold Forkas Alumni Center.

Jose goes back a ways obviously, and has muscled through the mid 2000's coaching carousel of Matt Doherty and Rex Walters that we have finally found some relief and peace from with the emergence of now head Coach Mike Jarvis.

He's quite the hoops fan, so what better to add to his already impressive collection of FAU office adornments than a Jarvis autographed basketball.  Below, Coach does the honors.


It took us a while to get it to him, but Jose said it was worth the wait.


When you walk into his office, you can't help but notice all of the memorabilia that Jose has strewn amongst the bookcases and along the walls. Quite a few interesting pieces actually, and decided to take shots of a few and gain the story behind them as well.

But you have to make sure you are dressed properly beforehand, otherwise you will be denied entry into the hallowed domain.


Amongst the football teams prized accolades is the 2008 Motor City Bowl victory over Central Michigan. Jose wanted a keepsake from his journey, and ordered a print of the Detroit News' account. The article appeared on the front page, which was a plus, but he got more than he bargained for when the publication decided to change the title of the article before it ran. The result: A custom front page account with a title that serves as a conversational piece to boot.  I'll let him fill you in, so feel free to ask away for the inside scoop on that happening.


The other item that stuck out amidst the normal flair was a yellow softball. Wasn't sure of its significance, so I inquired. Ironically, it involved a football connection to former Owl QB Rusty Smith. Turns out that Herrera and Smith played together in a league for a number of years at Patch Reef Park on Boca Raton. Jose says Rusty was quite a shortstop - of all positions - and had the Titan's newly found rookie signal caller "John Hancock" a ball for him during their time together.


For those interested, the signing from Smith is Isaiah 41:10.

Be sure and say hello to Jose when you see him out and about during the upcoming athletic season which will begin in August.