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NU Game Week: Wednesday Practice Notes...


 It looked as if the Florida Atlantic Football team were going to be shut down again today when a driving rain pushed through the area just prior to a 2:30PM scheduled start time.  But, as events would have it, they were able to get the balance of yesterday's activities completed as well as today's - which primarily featured team drills (11 on 11, and 7 on 7), blitz recognition drills, and special teams units work (field goals).  Practice adjourned earlier than expected - around 5:00PM for the first teamers, and then for everyone by 5:20PM.

 The team will return to the field tommorow at 3:30PM.  The action is expected to be light and will focus heavily on game day preparations.





Coach Schnellenberger appears to be tired of the weather...mentions we have some "North American Flu" going around, and that the sufferer is spending less time in the bathroom..."Classic" Coach:

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