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Owl's lose "Snail Game"; 0-1 in SBC


Wake Me Up When the Action Begins


The Owl's began Sun Belt action tonight as they braved the Colorado frozen tundra (style of play), taking on the University of Denver.  The game was a slow go. Here are the highlights.  The only way to go in this one is a chronological review.  Please don't fall asleep:

Paul graham scores first basket of game.

Tied at 2, 1:45 in.

Denver is 0-3 from long range.

Monroe checks out after just 2:35, as he is winded form the frantic pace (not really).

9-6 FAU at the 11:19 mark

Tied at 11 with 7:23 gone by.

17-15, and Denver takes the lead with 4:00 left to play in the first.

18-15 (yawn) with exactly 2:00 to go.

Denver ahead 20-18 at the 1:23 mark after a Graham drive and the "and one".

Life! Watson ties it up at 20 a piece with a nice slam - :40.

Tucker lay in makes it 22-20, :15 to play.

UD quick basket and it's tied.

:03, Tucker races down the floor and hits a three at the buzzer.

Halftime:  25-22.

Coffee time...let's Hope for a quicker second.


Second Half Starts Fast, and Ends Slow


FAU comes out picking up the pace and pushes the lead to 31-24.

UD hits a three and it's 31-27.

Enter Paul Graham, back to back baskets.  35-29 (14:24).

Royster, 2 FT, and it's 37-30.

13:24 to play.

Drought.  *sigh*

Enter the slow, 3 point shooting/back door team, and it is 38-37.  UD in front.

40-37 after a lay up by UD.

Have they finally cast their "Snail Spell" upon the Owls?

Richardson lands an "around and down" - 40-39. 7:58 to go.

Announcer:  "FAU falling alseep on defense".  "The Owls can not hit a basket".

46-39 UD.

Graham drops two at the charity stripe.


Tucker misses a lay-up.  We're "Ice cold".

Graham misses runner. But hits two FT's.

5:05 to go. 48-43 down by five.

50-43 after we slumber further.

Guess what, Graham drives again to speed up the pace, and is fouled.  Hits both.

50-47 after a Watson lay in from Graham.

3:26, UD scores an easy lay-up and gets the foul. *snarl*

Graham is fouled away from the basket.  He goes to the line and perfect again. 52-49.

2:43 FAU STEAL, but Tucker is fouled. 52-50.

UD shot, foul and bucket. 

Announcer:  "That is crushing".


Monroe misses again underneath but is fouled. 2:02.  Hits 1-2.


UD lay up.  Another back door cut.

1:59.  57-51.

Richardson misses a three.

Announcer:  "Owl in serious trouble."  Second that.

Owls retire to the sleeping bag for warmth, and continue their SBC "losses on the road" stretch dating back to the Troy game last February.

Final 66-55 UD.

Paul Graham's impressive 21 points were not enough.

38.3% shooting for the evening does not help either.


There is "Ray of Hope" in return to "The Sunshine State"

The Owls will face UD again in Boca Raton February 12th.  Expect a different outcome then.

Revenge is always sweeter on the back end.  one would expect the game to mean allot more then as well. Get your ticket now given the February date.


FAU Fans:  "Nelligan Sports, we need a new commercial"

The "Two Chuckle Head's Sports" clip has to go.  Enough said.


Up Next

SBC foe Troy is on the slate next, this Thursday, December 18th at 8:00PM.

They play a fast game, and FAU will surely benefit from that.  Expect FAU to be a favorite.  Can they win on the road is the real question.  Logic continues to defy that.  However, something has to give here.  Ying-Yang.  Parity.  "Law of Averages".  Call it what you will, but it's time.  How ironic would it be to break the streak against them?  one thing is for sure:

This will be pinned on every player's locker beginning tommorow.

See you next game.



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