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Practice Notes for 08-19-10

With the last of three-a-days behind them, there was a loud cheer from FAU's players today when Coach Van called it quits this afternoon.

"It was a good practice. At this point in time when you've gone as long as anybody has in camp you have all those little things - pulls, sore shoulders and neck, and legs are tired", said Van Valkenburgh.

And what a difference a day makes as well. Yesterday it was all defense, but today the offense had the upper hand. While the D did have two interceptions (Lockley and Reaser), it was the offense who looked crisp and focused throughout the duration of the last session for the day.

Jeff Van Camp had multiple hook-ups with favorite targets Rob Housler and Lester Jean, including a 70 yard TD toss to Housler, and was quick to give credit where it was due:

"A lot of that has to do with the offensive line", said Van Camp. "They are making the right line calls up front."

The running game also saw some benefit from the lines' play with Travis Jones shooting up the middle against the first team defense for a long gain, and Jeff Blanchard and Tony Moore (photo) both scoring from the same location during team red zone drills.

A Van Camp to Lester Jean strike in the corner of the end zone during team red zone drills accounted for the last score of the afternoon.

Coach Schnellenberger made it back from his brief journey to Michigan to promote the Owls' game against the Spartans.

"We made some progress in all of this to try and make sure that the citizens of Detroit are aware that game is going to be played there on that date at that time, to give them an opportunity to come watch their beloved Spartans take on the infidels from south Florida - FAU Owls", said Schnellenberger.

Quick Hits

"That's something we call 'victory formation'. I saw the ball, went up for it, and got it."

- Keith Reaser on his acrobatic INT during team red zone drills

"From Murfreesboro, Tennessee for the win".

- Coach Dick Hopkins just prior to Reaser's pick

"He doesn't say a whole lot, but when he does say something everybody pays attention."

- Coach Van Valkenburgh on LB Malik Eugene

The squad will return to action tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. Saturday will mark the beginning of the fall semester and the implementation of a mandatory one day off per week, which will be Mondays.

Photos from today's third session


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